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Sponsored by MMP College Recruiting Videos

MMP College Recruiting Videos

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    You can now easily send a recruiting video of your player to a college coach. With our help, you can have a video attached to the recruiting questionnaire you'll be filling out online. When attempting to attract the attention of college coaches, you can also send your videos via email. Nowadays, college recruiters receive a lot of emails with text only; send them yours with a link to an online video so they can see what you can do on the field and attract their attention.

An online video is a great way to show college coaches the skills of players trying to get to the next level. MMP can provide the services to film a high-quality custom video to show the skills of your players.

We know that in baseball and softball, a very important thing during the recruiting process is the mechanics. That is why our videos focus on your movements when you play your position, so college recruiters will consider you for a spot on their rosters. It works!